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2014 Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant

This years Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant was a four day event that included a welcome reception, a delicious luncheon, a preliminary contestant round, and the final round to crown the new 2014 Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador.

VIP Welcome Reception

I was excited to be invited to the VIP Welcome Reception for the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant and was more elated to find out why hadn’t I heard about this pageant before a few weeks ago. I entered upon the halls of the Fairfield Inn with bright expectation. Many of the contestants filled the hall with whispers and laughter. After a look around, I opted to sit at the front entrance to scope out who I would interview first.

Interestingly enough, a young lady with a beautiful floral romper stood near me. I, of course had to compliment. Her name, Lauren Parkes; the executive producer of the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant. We exchanged names and she remembered reading our Letter of Intent for our media badges. I requested for a few moments of her time and she was happy to oblige.

  1. Why haven’t I heard about the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant before a few weeks ago?
  2. Well, last year; rather than having a full pageant we selected young ladies that we felt were a good representation of our brand. We conferred with a panel of judges to choose the best two young ladies. The 2013 finalist were Jazmine – Miss Black US Ambassador and Whitney – Miss Black Teen US Ambassador. So our first year was our inaugural season to ramp us up to now.

  3. Are you based in Atlanta and do you desire to hold pageants elsewhere?
  4. Yes, we are based here in Atlanta. We are already working on confirming locations where other pageants will be held both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to have at least 5 more competitions in Atlanta and then branch out elsewhere.

  5. Why the title Black US Ambassador?
  6. Well, I come from a pageant background. I began when I was 13 and found out very quickly; unfortunately, there were not a lot of girls that looked like me around. I felt uncomfortable – but quickly got over it. As I continued down my pageant journey, I came to a point where I knew it was time to move on to another dimension. Patrice and I had worked on a few other pageants together so it was natural for us to collaborate for this. We chose the name as it represents our brand the best. We want ladies that are intelligent, beautiful inside and out that are working in our communities to make our world better.

Our interview ended as we were asked to join the others in the ballroom for the evening’s meet and greet.

The Luncheon
The delicious smells of food and pastries filled our nostrils as we entered into the halls of the building. The doors were held as the maitre d’ coordinated the staff to finish setting the tables properly. Once seated, we were greeted by Patrice Harrison; the CEO and founder of the Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant. A prayer was then stated by Dr. Givens, pastor at the Greater Tabernacle in Augusta; short, sweet, a quick blessing so we could eat.

The host and hostess of today’s luncheon was Jazmine, the 2013 Miss Black US Ambassador and Pastor Dr. Givens. The luncheon is focused on honoring women that have exemplified actions to be recognized as Ambassadors of Change and providing the contestants with scholarships that exemplify the same.

A few of today’s honorees were Carlisha Williams; founder of the Women Empowering Nations, Xernona Clayton; Trumpet Award creator and a civil rights activist, and Dr. Jacqueline Waters; a two time breast cancer survivor and the founder of 50 Shades of Pink.

A few of today’s scholarship recipients were Deja Kirk; Miss Oklahoma, Mikayla Mitchell; Miss Florida, and Taylor Williams; Miss Maryland.

The Crowning of the new 2014 Miss Black US Ambassador
There were bittersweet tears that were shedded as Jazmine and Whitney gave there last walks across the stage as their year of memories passed on the movie screen in the Gwinnett’s Arena Performing Arts Center. Each gave words of encouragement, hope, and enticed each contestant to continue moving in the direction of dreams and fulfillment.

There are no more competition and the host and hostess of the evening are out of jokes and quick commentary. A silence falls over the center as we all sit in anticipation on the results…

For Miss Teen Black US Ambassador we have Ciara Thompson:

Ciara Thompson, the 2014 Miss Teen Black US Ambassador
Ciara Thompson, the 2014 Miss Teen Black US Ambassador

For Miss Black US Ambassador we have Cearah Hamilton:

Congratulations to all contestants. We wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. To the newly crowned Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Teen Black US Ambassador, we look forward to seeing you blaze a new road full of change and glory. We look forward to seeing what this year brings to you.