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Fortune Friday Volume 2 | Atlanta Mac & Cheese

Fortune Friday
Ways to increase your bottom line.

It’s October 8th and we are at the Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival. 1600 Tickets Sold and over $40,000 funds raised to benefit the growth and development of the East Lake, Kirkwood, Edgewood, and East Atlanta communities. We sold out a week before the event with a long list of sponsors such as Council Natalyn Archibong and Fontis Water.

Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival

Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival

There was more than just Mac & Cheese. We enjoyed music, ice cream, food trucks and a variety of deserts. Check out our Instagram to hear one of the bands that kept us dancing.



Fortune Friday Volume 1

Fortune Friday
Ways to increase your bottom line.

If you follow us on social media – @myrichimg for Twitter and @myrichimg IG, then you caught August Marketing Monday Tip on when is the best time for you to post your marketing campaigns – THE WEEKEND.

You have to consider that most non-business owners consider the weekend as a time to relax, catch up, and to focus on anything non-business related.  They dive into their Facebooks, Twitter feeds, add to their Pintrest, and catch up on their Periscopes.

It is during this time that you should OPTIMIZE ON.  How?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Below are a two options for you to test out on your media outlets.  Be sure to converse with your team on other possibilities.

  1.  Get to know you scavenger hunt – post this on any one of your media outlets and request for your followers to find the picture, post, or key words to their page along with your tag name and a follow to one of the other media outlets they are not already following you.  Give incentives for those that get others to join in that are not already following you.
  2. Business Shot Out – Make a post about another business or business owner that you admire.  Throw out some good karma and request for a repost and feedback from your followers.

Let us know how these work for you.  Follow us on our social media outlets today for more Marketing Tips and Fortune Fridays.

“Why It Takes More Than A Sign”

To have an effective marketing campaign, business owners need to work with an advertiser that will provide at least three differentiating outlets to attract a consumer. As advertisers consider the best marketing mix it is essential to consider the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

  • The right product.
  • Sold at the right price.
  • In the right place.
  • Using the most suitable promotion

As a business owner that works along side your advertiser, market research of each 4 Ps within your product group will allow for a basis of where you have gaps in your marketing plan. A few things to remember when creating your analysis:

Product: Your product, if you are in the service industry; also includes the service. Your product (along with your service) must look good and work well. The best products are those that solve problems for the consumer.

Marketing Needs More Than Just A Sign


  1. What is your competition charging?
  2. What is the perceived value to the consumer?
  3. What will it cost the consumer to not have your product?

Answering these questions will be able to give you a price range that is suitable for the product while providing you with a chance to have a profit. Not being able to answer these questions means you should go back to the drawing board on the product you are offering to your consumers.

As you continue to do your market (the seller) analysis, be proactive in turning the tables and consider your consumer (the buyer) along with your market.

  • Customer solutions, not products
  • Customer cost, not price
  • Convenience, not place
  • Communication, not promotion

A business that is able to satisfy the 4Ps while providing convenience, two way communication, and a product that solves a solution at a good cost has just created a marketing strategy that is sure to increase their bottom line. Always remember, to have an effective campaign; it will take more than a sign.