Fortune Friday Volume 2 | Atlanta Mac & Cheese

Fortune Friday
Ways to increase your bottom line.

It’s October 8th and we are at the Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival. 1600 Tickets Sold and over $40,000 funds raised to benefit the growth and development of the East Lake, Kirkwood, Edgewood, and East Atlanta communities. We sold out a week before the event with a long list of sponsors such as Council Natalyn Archibong and Fontis Water.

Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival

Atlanta Mac & Cheese Festival

There was more than just Mac & Cheese. We enjoyed music, ice cream, food trucks and a variety of deserts. Check out our Instagram to hear one of the bands that kept us dancing.



Fortune Friday Volume 1

Fortune Friday
Ways to increase your bottom line.

If you follow us on social media – @myrichimg for Twitter and @myrichimg IG, then you caught August Marketing Monday Tip on when is the best time for you to post your marketing campaigns – THE WEEKEND.

You have to consider that most non-business owners consider the weekend as a time to relax, catch up, and to focus on anything non-business related.  They dive into their Facebooks, Twitter feeds, add to their Pintrest, and catch up on their Periscopes.

It is during this time that you should OPTIMIZE ON.  How?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Below are a two options for you to test out on your media outlets.  Be sure to converse with your team on other possibilities.

  1.  Get to know you scavenger hunt – post this on any one of your media outlets and request for your followers to find the picture, post, or key words to their page along with your tag name and a follow to one of the other media outlets they are not already following you.  Give incentives for those that get others to join in that are not already following you.
  2. Business Shot Out – Make a post about another business or business owner that you admire.  Throw out some good karma and request for a repost and feedback from your followers.

Let us know how these work for you.  Follow us on our social media outlets today for more Marketing Tips and Fortune Fridays.

Recital vs Performance


The Rich IMG family has supported the arts since our inception through our patronage, marketing assistance, or gifting of business strategy. When speaking to other patrons we are often asked, “Is this a ‘recital’ or a ‘performance’, what’s the difference?

Merriam-Webster provides the below definitions:

noun re·cit·al \ri-ˈsī-təl\
Simple Definition of recital

: a dance or musical performance

: the act of reading something out loud or saying something from memory usually for an audience

: a long description or list that includes many things

noun per·for·mance \pə(r)-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s\
Simple Definition of performance

: an activity (such as singing a song or acting in a play) that a person or group does to entertain an audience

: the way an actor performs a part in a play, movie, etc.

: the act of doing a job, an activity, etc.

Yeah, they aren’t distinctively different when reading their meanings.  From our years within the arts world we found that recitals are a showcase of what students have learned over a period of time.  Although there may be a theme, it is rare to have substance to build a plot or tell a story from from the list of dances or musical pieces that are performed.  Recitals are majorly performed by smaller studios that do not have the necessary funding to display a full performance.

Performances on the other hand, are not only themed, but have a set story line that can be followed either through movement or through the use of language and music.  Performances are pieces that are performed over and over again, are often times branded and resold to be used at other studios.  Great examples of dance performances that have been branded and resold are The Nutcracker,  Snow White, and Firebird.

We’ve attended both types of art showcases – recitals and performances.  Each have their place in the art community and can be used for more than just a one or twice a year showcase for any theater or dance company.

Please send us more questions and “needs to know” and we will do our best to answer them for you!


2014 Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant

This years Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant was a four day event that included a welcome reception, a delicious luncheon, a preliminary contestant round, and the final round to crown the new 2014 Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Black Teen US Ambassador.

VIP Welcome Reception

I was excited to be invited to the VIP Welcome Reception for the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant and was more elated to find out why hadn’t I heard about this pageant before a few weeks ago. I entered upon the halls of the Fairfield Inn with bright expectation. Many of the contestants filled the hall with whispers and laughter. After a look around, I opted to sit at the front entrance to scope out who I would interview first.

Interestingly enough, a young lady with a beautiful floral romper stood near me. I, of course had to compliment. Her name, Lauren Parkes; the executive producer of the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant. We exchanged names and she remembered reading our Letter of Intent for our media badges. I requested for a few moments of her time and she was happy to oblige.

  1. Why haven’t I heard about the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant before a few weeks ago?
  2. Well, last year; rather than having a full pageant we selected young ladies that we felt were a good representation of our brand. We conferred with a panel of judges to choose the best two young ladies. The 2013 finalist were Jazmine – Miss Black US Ambassador and Whitney – Miss Black Teen US Ambassador. So our first year was our inaugural season to ramp us up to now.

  3. Are you based in Atlanta and do you desire to hold pageants elsewhere?
  4. Yes, we are based here in Atlanta. We are already working on confirming locations where other pageants will be held both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to have at least 5 more competitions in Atlanta and then branch out elsewhere.

  5. Why the title Black US Ambassador?
  6. Well, I come from a pageant background. I began when I was 13 and found out very quickly; unfortunately, there were not a lot of girls that looked like me around. I felt uncomfortable – but quickly got over it. As I continued down my pageant journey, I came to a point where I knew it was time to move on to another dimension. Patrice and I had worked on a few other pageants together so it was natural for us to collaborate for this. We chose the name as it represents our brand the best. We want ladies that are intelligent, beautiful inside and out that are working in our communities to make our world better.

Our interview ended as we were asked to join the others in the ballroom for the evening’s meet and greet.

The Luncheon
The delicious smells of food and pastries filled our nostrils as we entered into the halls of the building. The doors were held as the maitre d’ coordinated the staff to finish setting the tables properly. Once seated, we were greeted by Patrice Harrison; the CEO and founder of the Miss Black US Ambassador Pageant. A prayer was then stated by Dr. Givens, pastor at the Greater Tabernacle in Augusta; short, sweet, a quick blessing so we could eat.

The host and hostess of today’s luncheon was Jazmine, the 2013 Miss Black US Ambassador and Pastor Dr. Givens. The luncheon is focused on honoring women that have exemplified actions to be recognized as Ambassadors of Change and providing the contestants with scholarships that exemplify the same.

A few of today’s honorees were Carlisha Williams; founder of the Women Empowering Nations, Xernona Clayton; Trumpet Award creator and a civil rights activist, and Dr. Jacqueline Waters; a two time breast cancer survivor and the founder of 50 Shades of Pink.

A few of today’s scholarship recipients were Deja Kirk; Miss Oklahoma, Mikayla Mitchell; Miss Florida, and Taylor Williams; Miss Maryland.

The Crowning of the new 2014 Miss Black US Ambassador
There were bittersweet tears that were shedded as Jazmine and Whitney gave there last walks across the stage as their year of memories passed on the movie screen in the Gwinnett’s Arena Performing Arts Center. Each gave words of encouragement, hope, and enticed each contestant to continue moving in the direction of dreams and fulfillment.

There are no more competition and the host and hostess of the evening are out of jokes and quick commentary. A silence falls over the center as we all sit in anticipation on the results…

For Miss Teen Black US Ambassador we have Ciara Thompson:

Ciara Thompson, the 2014 Miss Teen Black US Ambassador
Ciara Thompson, the 2014 Miss Teen Black US Ambassador

For Miss Black US Ambassador we have Cearah Hamilton:

Congratulations to all contestants. We wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors. To the newly crowned Miss Black US Ambassador and Miss Teen Black US Ambassador, we look forward to seeing you blaze a new road full of change and glory. We look forward to seeing what this year brings to you.

Boris Kodjoe’s Tennis Family Fun Night

Today’s event was rained out but there was still joy and laughter in the VIP room of Boris Kodjoe’s Tennis Family Fun Night. Sponsored by FedEx, Cami Cakes, Centric, V-103 and Ryan Cameron; today’s event is raising funds for Sophie’s Voice Foundation. This foundation was founded by Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker in honor of their daughter Sophie that was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth. From their website: (Sophie’s Voice Foundation)
Our Key Focus Areas are:

  1. Prevention of Neural tube birth defects through folic acid fortification and supplementation
  2. Broadening access to medical care and supplies to families in developing countries.
  3. Delivering integrated health and wellness programs and content to multicultural communities.

Although today’s event was rained out, many celebrities such as Frank Ski (former on-air personality for V-103), Cynthia Bailey of Atlanta Housewives, and the Atlanta Youth Ensemble came to show their support. Food was excellent and the cupcakes from Cami Cakes were divine.

From Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker
Thank you for taking time to come out to today’s event. We are sorry that we are rained out. We are holding events such as this one around the country to raise funds to assist us in ending Spina Bifida within the next 10 years. How do you ask? Well, we are currently working to get folic acid added to flour that can be used world wide. So please, purchase a t-shirt, donate or go online to support.

The Rich International Media Group will keep you informed on when the next event for Sophie’s Foundation will be.




“Why It Takes More Than A Sign”

To have an effective marketing campaign, business owners need to work with an advertiser that will provide at least three differentiating outlets to attract a consumer. As advertisers consider the best marketing mix it is essential to consider the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

  • The right product.
  • Sold at the right price.
  • In the right place.
  • Using the most suitable promotion

As a business owner that works along side your advertiser, market research of each 4 Ps within your product group will allow for a basis of where you have gaps in your marketing plan. A few things to remember when creating your analysis:

Product: Your product, if you are in the service industry; also includes the service. Your product (along with your service) must look good and work well. The best products are those that solve problems for the consumer.

Marketing Needs More Than Just A Sign


  1. What is your competition charging?
  2. What is the perceived value to the consumer?
  3. What will it cost the consumer to not have your product?

Answering these questions will be able to give you a price range that is suitable for the product while providing you with a chance to have a profit. Not being able to answer these questions means you should go back to the drawing board on the product you are offering to your consumers.

As you continue to do your market (the seller) analysis, be proactive in turning the tables and consider your consumer (the buyer) along with your market.

  • Customer solutions, not products
  • Customer cost, not price
  • Convenience, not place
  • Communication, not promotion

A business that is able to satisfy the 4Ps while providing convenience, two way communication, and a product that solves a solution at a good cost has just created a marketing strategy that is sure to increase their bottom line. Always remember, to have an effective campaign; it will take more than a sign.

Honoring Men & Women in Radio 2014

An evening of honor and elegance…

Upon arriving in the quaint neighborhood on the south side of Atlanta, the atmosphere was tranquil. All attendees were full of smiles and small talk as they took turns taking their photo on the red carpet with our photographer. This event has been three years in the making. Only a few of us behind the scenes knew what it took to get here. The ambiance of the decorations, the venue, the food, and the jazz band kept me in complete awe that we’d seen this to its fruition.

I quickly found Dee Hill, the founder and mastermind of this event. We exchanged pleasantries filled with the overwhelming emotion of the moment. We took time to take pictures on the red carpet afterwards slowly dispersing to mingle with the other honorees and guest.

The honorees of the night included Joyce Littel, Sebrena Kelly, Chuck Brown, Montana White and Janet Jackson. We had presenters from blog talk radio; Bianca Burwell of The Beat Drops Radio, as well as tv and radio host April Dobbs. Our honorees received letters from President Jimmy Carter and were rewarded with a speech by House of Representative Valencia Stovall.